Lime, calcium, and their role in human life

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So, what is lime and calcium, and why the extraction of the limestone and its processing are so important in human life?
Lime is the calcium oxide i.e. СаО.
There is no pure calcium in nature, it is received through processing. And for the first time, pure calcium was received in 1808.
3.38% of the total earth’s crust falls on calcium, which is the 5th place as to the occurrence after oxygen, silicon, aluminum, and iron.
Calcium in different geochemical systems forms 385 minerals which is the 4th place as to the amount of minerals in the earth’s crust.
Calcium belongs to the vital elements for all organisms, calcium compounds occur practically in all animal and plant tissues. For instance, in human and other skeletal organisms its major part is in the skeleton and teeth. That is why, lime is so frequently used in pharmaceutics and cosmetology.
Thus, without exaggeration, calcium may be considered one of the major components of all living organisms on our planet. The need for calcium is almost the same as oxygen.
In the limestone we extract from Stryhantsi quarry, the calcium component is 54% which is the highest index for this type of raw material.
Due to our state-of-the-art production, the content of the active calcium in the finished product of our company is 95% which conforms to the world standards.
Some more interesting facts on the spheres of lime application will be presented in our next posts.