Laboratory GALVAPNO – the heart of precision and innovation

Have you ever wondered how we ensure the impeccable quality of our lime products? Visit our state-of-the-art laboratory, the heart of precision and innovation at the GALVAPNO lime plant!

We reveal the secrets of the laboratory:

🌐 State-of-the-art equipment: Our laboratory is equipped with modern advanced technology to analyze the properties of lime with unsurpassed accuracy from particle size distribution to chemical composition, every detail is carefully examined using the RIGAKU NEXQC+ Quant EZ X-ray fluorescence spectrometer,  laboratory press Amator 40, mill series 5E-RSMx100 and equipment from such global manufacturers as MATEST (Italy), OHAUS (USA), laboratory thermal equipment from leading companies Labexpert (Ukraine) and TermoLab.

🌈 Quality Assurance Team: Meet our dedicated team of experts! Their commitment to excellence is the driving force behind the rigorous testing processes that guarantee the consistently high quality of our lime products.

🚀 Quicklime reactivity tests: witness the dynamic reactivity tests that ensure that our quicklime performs at its best in a variety of applications, from metallurgy to water treatment. Quality is not just a word, it is a standard we live up to!

🌏 Commitment to sustainable development:

🍃 Environmental Impact Assessment: our laboratory not only focuses on product quality, but also conducts thorough assessments to minimize our environmental impact. Sustainability is embedded in every aspect of our lime production process.

Your trust is our priority.

Your trust in GALVAPNO is the strength that drives our commitment to excellence. Behind every Big Run and carload of lime is a story of precision, innovation and unwavering commitment to our business.

Do you have questions about our laboratory processes or product quality? Leave them below! We are here to take you on a journey of transparency and quality assurance. Let’s explore the science and art of lime production together!