Laboratory GALVAPNO – the heart of precision and innovation

Have you ever wondered how we ensure the impeccable quality of our lime products? Visit our state-of-the-art laboratory, the heart of precision and innovation at the GALVAPNO lime plant!

We reveal the secrets of the laboratory:

🌐 State-of-the-art equipment: Our laboratory is equipped with modern advanced technology to analyze the properties of lime with unsurpassed accuracy from particle size distribution to chemical composition, every detail is carefully examined using the RIGAKU NEXQC+ Quant EZ X-ray fluorescence spectrometer,  laboratory press Amator 40, mill series 5E-RSMx100 and equipment from such global manufacturers as MATEST (Italy), OHAUS (USA), laboratory thermal equipment from leading companies Labexpert (Ukraine) and TermoLab.

🌈 Quality Assurance Team: Meet our dedicated team of experts! Their commitment to excellence is the driving force behind the rigorous testing processes that guarantee the consistently high quality of our lime products.

🚀 Quicklime reactivity tests: witness the dynamic reactivity tests that ensure that our quicklime performs at its best in a variety of applications, from metallurgy to water treatment. Quality is not just a word, it is a standard we live up to!

🌏 Commitment to sustainable development:

🍃 Environmental Impact Assessment: our laboratory not only focuses on product quality, but also conducts thorough assessments to minimize our environmental impact. Sustainability is embedded in every aspect of our lime production process.

Your trust is our priority.

Your trust in GALVAPNO is the strength that drives our commitment to excellence. Behind every Big Run and carload of lime is a story of precision, innovation and unwavering commitment to our business.

Do you have questions about our laboratory processes or product quality? Leave them below! We are here to take you on a journey of transparency and quality assurance. Let’s explore the science and art of lime production together!

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Discussions and excursions: Frankivsk hosted the national forum “Waste Management in Ukraine: Legislation, Economics, Technology”

On November 21-23, Ivano-Frankivsk hosted the National Forum “Waste Management in Ukraine: Legislation, Economics, Technology”, which is a public platform for discussing pressing issues in the field of waste management, developing solutions and implementing practices that comply with European rules and standards.

The purpose of the Forum in 2023 is to present the first practical actions and problematic issues of the implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On Waste Management”.

The forum was organized by the Ukrainian Ecological League. The event was supported by: The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Environmental Policy and Nature Management.

Tetyana Tymochko, Head of the Ukrainian Ecological League, opened the forum and noted that despite the exhausting war in which our nation is fighting for its independence against Russian aggression, Ukraine is undergoing transformations and reforms that determine its further development. This also applies to the waste management reform, which, after the adoption of the framework law, definition of the roadmap, development of some regulations and regional plans, requires the implementation of a comprehensive waste management model in accordance with European standards.

Ruslan Strelets, Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, emphasized that the Parliament can pass dozens of laws on environmental protection, the President can sign these laws, the Minister can sign dozens of orders, but it is important to create a modern waste processing infrastructure at the regional level, in communities.

Among the Forum’s partners is the local company GALVAPNO. Ilya Marchevsky, the owner of the company, made a presentation on waste management in Israel as an example of successful practice of sorting and recycling waste, especially that generated as a result of military operations, and noted that “for some people, waste is just waste, while for others it is raw material for new products.”

      The forum participants discussed the following issues: 
  • new legislative initiatives and regulations in the field of waste management in Ukraine based on European rules and standards;
  • regional and local strategic planning of waste management for the green recovery of Ukraine;
  • environmentally friendly, resource- and energy-efficient technological solutions for waste processing and reuse;
  • issues related to the new rules of technical operation of landfills;
  • educational, informational, and awareness-raising activities to develop environmentally friendly waste management skills;
  • introduction of environmentally friendly energy technologies for processing forestry waste in Ukraine;
  • damages to natural ecosystems, protected areas and protected sites as a result of Russian armed aggression.

During the Forum, the participants had the opportunity to visit the existing sorting line (Rybne village) and the high-tech waste-free lime burning production facility “GALVAPNO” located on the territory of the Stryhanets quarry.

The National Forum “Waste Management in Ukraine: Legislation, Economy, Technology” was attended by more than 5000 people in offline/online format – representatives from all regions of Ukraine: heads of environmental departments/offices of the EMBs, employees of the State Environmental Inspectorate, heads of communities, directors of utilities, regional development agencies, international organizations and technical assistance projects, scientists, business structures, experts, institutions working in the field of waste management, environmental safety and environmental protection.

The discussion resulted in a Forum Resolution and an appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and relevant ministries and agencies. These final documents emphasize the importance and urgency of addressing waste management issues.

The participants of the National Forum expressed their hope for the successful implementation of regional waste management plans and further cooperation between the authorities, scientists and the public to protect the environment of Ukraine.

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Environmental friendliness of lime production – new technologies and innovations

Today, on November 21, representatives of the Ukrainian environmental industry, headed by Tetyana Tymochko, head of the All-Ukrainian Environmental League, paid a working visit to GALVAPNO as part of the first day of the National Forum “Waste Management in Ukraine: Legislation, Economics, Technology”.
First of all, the environmentalists were interested in the benefits of modern and modernized production located on the territory of the Stryganetsky quarry in Ivano-Frankivsk region in terms of environmental safety.
GALVAPNO, which is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian lime market, is no exception and recognizes the urgency, the need for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in lime production.
Representatives of the eco-industry were able to make sure that, without exaggeration, GALVAPNO is an example of successful practice of applying innovative eco-responsible technologies and the only lime producers in Ukraine that use such technologies. Accordingly, they are the only ones whose product quality has no analogues in the domestic market.
The new production facility ensures energy-efficient and environmentally responsible lime production using the Synthesis kiln from the Italian company QualiCal and is a prime example of the environmentally friendly use of natural resources. It is important that the operation of the enterprise with such technologies does not pose a threat to the environment, soil and water bodies of the settlements adjacent to the production.
The synthesis furnace is energy efficient, runs on the least polluting fuel, natural gas, and has a modern exhaust gas cleaning system. Thanks to its advanced design and unique parallel flow regeneration (PFR) technology, the furnace optimizes fuel and air consumption, resulting in impressive energy savings.
The furnace design supports a highly efficient heat recovery process. This function, achieved by preheating the material, ensures optimal energy use, encapsulating the principles of circular economy and improving environmental care.
Among other things, the guests of the production facility visited the operator’s room – the control and management center, where they saw how the synthesis furnace is controlled by MOSAICO’s own intelligent automation system. This innovative system helps to increase operational efficiency and flexibility, while maintaining responsibility for worker safety.
All these steps taken by GALVAPNO together with the All-Ukrainian Ecological League and the leading European manufacturer QualiCal, in compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine, mark a significant commitment to environmental practices in line with our common strategic vision.
All-Ukrainian Environmental League
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
QualiCal #galvapno

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